Welcome on the site of L'atelier du couteau.

Welcome to the ATELIER du COUTEAU e-shop.

L’ATELIER DU COUTEAU is your e-shop fully dedicated to top quality, 100% French handmade tableware.

We have specially elected GOYON-CHAZEAU’s brand in order to provide you the best quality.

L’ATELIER DU COUTEAU believes in up market and old fashioned hand craft production which makes each piece sold on this e-shop almost unique, referring to Master knife makers who have shaped the history and reputation of Thiers City (famous for 5 centuries of artisan cutlering).

You will find 3 different ranges of cutlery:

LAGUIOLE GC and KLASSE G LAGUIOLE knife: the pure traditional LAGUIOLE knife fully handmade.

LE THIERS by GOYON-CHAZEAU: smartness and modernity designed in the very old THIERS production process.

LE STYL’VER: exclusive registered design from GOYON-CHAZEAU, contemporary, fluid and ergonomic shape.

If you buy a GOYON-CHAZEAU knife, the first thing you will notice is its weight. Of course, it is beautiful, but above all, it is heavy! Blade, bolster, tang and butt are just one piece, entirely forged in the highest grade steel for cutlery.

GOYON-CHAZEAU knife owners know that they possess not only an attractive, scarce and functional product, but also an indestructible one, guaranteed for life that can be passed down from one generation to the other.

Enjoy your time on the ATELIER DU COUTEAU’s e-shop that will also give you advice and tricks so as to keep your cutlery in the best conditions.